Fuzzypup's Poker Training
Discipline, Psychology, Fluid NL Poker Strategy

Who is Fuzzypup?

Started playing limit holdem in 2004. I moved to no limit holdem in 2006. Currently I play full ring small stakes no limit holdem on the Merge network and live 1/2 and 2/5. I am known online as Fuzzypup (PTR LINK). I have made over $100,000 playing live and online over my lifetime of play in cash games and multi table tournaments. Also check out my other side for poker statistics and articles.

Poker Knowledge

I am constantly learning material to keep up with the latest trends and strategies for playing NL holdem. I have read well over 60 books for my training. I have had personal training by a high level online professional and a low stakes full ring specialist. I have a very diverse background including psychology, cognitive thinking, and education.

What do I offer?

Mental Game Training
  Discipline - Develop mental fortitude for online and live play from nutrition to good brain habits.
  Body Language - Reading comfort levels and tells vs your live opponents to get an edge at the table.
  Psychology - Using image and communication to manipulate and understand your live table opponents.

Table Strategy Training
  Fluid Thinking - How to look at the whole picture and adjust your game to the situation at hand staying unpredictable.
  Hand Reading and Betting - Understanding why opponents bet and how to bet yourself to maximize wins and lower losses.
  Critical Thinking - Using a logical mental system to work through a hand to gain the best information.
  Simple Math - Using SPR, ratio adjustments, and shortcuts to calculating ranges and odds keeping decisions simple.

Cash Game Stakes
  Online $25 Full Ring NL Holdem and below.
  Live 1/2 Full Ring NL Holdem and below.

Who is this training geared for?

Players who...
  are math players and want to get out of rigid thinking and explore exploitive play.
  put themselves in difficult situations post flop and are confused about what to do.
  consider themselves "feel" players or visual learners and find training material difficult to interpret.
  want to play a simpler game keeping decisions easy.

Rates for Coaching

My rate is $50 per hour.

Online Players
A 4 hour session covers discipline, pre flop play, post flop play, and fluid thinking strategy.
  After that hours can be added for observation and analysis.

Live Players
If you live in the San Francisco area we can meet up to discuss all the aspects above plus adjustments for live play.
  Hours vary depending on your learning ability but everything should fall within 4 hours.

Where I Play

Lucky Chances Casino, Colma California
Most regular players that play here will say the 1/1/2 is unbeatable. The game is very beatable with the right skills for $30 an hour.
  It plays like a 2/4 game but the stacks are shorter.
  The 2/5 game there is the toughest in the bay area but there are very few high skilled players. $80 an hour is possible